Kepos street kitchen, Redfern, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Hardly ever do I wake up early on a Saturday morning. I have to get to wake up at 630am everyday to go to work so my rationale is that I should get to sleep in at least 1 day a week. However, on this occasion, my body clock decided to be good to me and I woke up relatively early and didn't feel like sleeping in.

A beautiful sunny winters day, we decided to make the most of our good fortune and try our luck at one of the trendy brunch cafes that probably every other food blog has blogged about already - Kepos street kitchen.

We arrrived at Kepos street around 930am and were able to find parking relatively easily. Turning around the corner however to the actual cafe, imagine our dismay when we already saw 5-10 people queuing outside! We peeked our head into the cafe expecting them to advise of a lengthy wait, however our luck managed to hold up and we were given the last remaining 2 seater in the place! All those people waiting outside were for takeaway! phheewww!

The dishes are not cheap, but relatively standard pricing for these trendy cafes these days. The flavours though are amazing. Kepo's doesn't do your normal traditional Western breakfast, rather, they substitute this for a Middle Eastern twist.

Lamb stew $19 - one of the specials of the day was this slow cooked lamb stew, complete with poached egg, chick peas and fresh bread. You could smell the herbs and spices as soon as the pot hit the table. Packed full of flavours, the lamb stew was super hearty the perfect dish to give your taste buds a new taste sensation so early in the morning.

Cauliflower fritters, chickpeas, cumin, smoked turkey breast, poached eggs  - $18 - 2 poached eggs, sat on top of thinly sliced turkey breast on top of 2 chunky cauliflower fritters. This definitely beats the hash browns you normally get at a breakfast. Break open that perfectly poached egg and the yolk oozes over the turkey and coats the fritters with a eggy goodness.

Coffee -$3.50 each- not sure what beans were used, but the coffee was delish

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  1. The frtiier dish looks amazeballs. I can see a perfect yolkporn photo :)