Bluefish, Harbourside Darling Harbour, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Despite most of the restaurants around Harbourside being notorious tourist traps, we  ventured down there this Friday to take advantage of one of the entertainment book vouchers we still have. Rocking up on a bright and sunny evening, we managed to score a table outside at around 630pm. The place quickly filled up afterwards with a mixture of voucher users, tourists and some general patrons.

Sitting outside in the fresh view and admiring the Sydney skyline wasn't half bad and I can see why tourists would like to come to this area. Our voucher allowed us buy one get one free so we got one main and one main for free. The mains are around 30-40 dollars each.

Seafood and chorizo paella - being a predominantly a seafood restaurant, we had to get a seafood dish. The paella had a nice smokiness to the rice and a decent amount of seafood and chorizo pieces. Sitting on top was a huge grilled prawn which was definitely the highlight of the dish - deliciously meaty

Sirloin steak and chips - the steak was a tad dry, but drizzled with the jus made up for it. The fat was rendered to perfection and chips, golden and crisp - the perfect accompaniment.

We took our time to enjoy our dishes, soaking up the harbourside atmosphere. Not a bad place to relax on a Friday night with a decent feed and a glass of wine or two, although you are paying a slight premium.

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