Ormeggio, The Spit, Sydney North

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Another year, another birthday. This one was a bit of a milestone but even so, I just wanted to keep it relatively low key. One of my good friends always goes to Ormeggio and so we decided to go there for dinner to celebrate my birthday. 

Ormeggio is a 2 hat restaurant located just before The Spit bridge in Mosman. It's been around for a while and the head chef Alessandro Pavoni is pretty well known, having appeared on Masterchef and other cooking shows. The great thing about Ormeggio is that it's pretty good value for money given its 2 hat status.

On Sunday's they do an awesome 5 course set menu called the 'Stressless Sunday Dinner' which has 5 courses pre-selected by the chefs and costs $69 per person (or $129 for matching wines).

Whipped ricotta with homemade sourdough -  rustic sourdough, crunchy crust on the outside but soft and warm on the inside, this went so well with the ricotta that we actually ordered another plate of this bread.

Ocean trout - having not eaten at a fine dining establishment in quite some time, I'd forgotten how different the presentation and taste of the dishes can be. This trout dish brought it all back to me. Such attention to detail in the plating with such delicate flavours. The balance between the fresh trout and the crunch of the tostada shards cut by the punch of the horseradish dollops. Doesn't look like much to the naked eye, but it was a mouthwatering experience for the tastebuds.

Spaghetti Carbonara - a modern twist on the classic Carbonara. A twirl of spaghetti cooked al dente, with a rich cheesey sauce topped with a handful of fried lardons. mmmmmm, so simple but soooo good.

Beef cheeks - These braised beef cheeks in red wine jus was literally melt in the mouth goodness. With additional texture from the kale, baby corn and broccolini, this was a tasty main course.

Coconut crumb, gelato jelly - I'm not a big fan of desserts, but this was was super refreshing for a hot summer's night.

Carrot cake - Ormeggio's famous carrot cake is not like any carrot cake you've ever had before. So super moist and soft its bloody unreal. Definitely a highlight and a great way to finish the meal.

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