Georgias Kitchen, Marrickville, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

I first went to Georgia's a while ago for breakfast and was quite impressed with the tastiness of the food. Fast forward a year or two and we were back and glad to see that it was still around. This time we popped in for a lunch and a coffee. It wasn't too busy, but had quite a few locals inside. It was a hot day so it would have been good if the place had air conditioning but we had to make do with the fans.

They have a lunch menu but they also had a specials menu. I don't know why but options on the specials always sound so much more exciting than the normal menu. Maybe because its on the specials menu it seems like its limited edition, or its the best the chef has to offer.

Anyhoo, we decided to order both our items from the specials menu for the day which meant I unfortunately forgot the prices of the dishes!

Wagyu beef burger with hand cut chips and salad -  ugghhhh, this burger on a brioche bun, packed with fresh rocket and a fat wagyu patty was just so damn artery clogging it wasn't funny. I could feel my heart beating slower with each mouthful but I just couldn't put it down. Really good burger. With a side of fluffy fries on the side, and a simple salad of capsicum, cucumber, onion drizzled with vinaigrette.

Pepperoni pizza - a simple pizza with basil, pepperoni and buffalo mozzarella on a hand rolled tomato sauced base. Simple flavours done well.

Finished the meal off with 2 coffees. Good service, good ambiance and good food.

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