Burgerworld, Arncliffe, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Old school to the max. Back in the days of my youth, the local takeaway burger was a simple family run business, the old man grilling the burgers out back, the wife working the till and preparing the salads. Hot chips cooked to order and sprinkled liberally with chicken salt. Simple stools and not much in the shop to look at except maybe an old fan and an arcade machine with Street fighter on it.

Burgerworld in Arncliffe harks back to these days, including the Street fighter arcade in the shop. The smell of hot chips drifting out the street where a few patrons are sitting outside enjoying their burgers.

Inside, there's a simple menu on the backboard, and the man behind the counter recommends the king chicken burger as their most popular option. We place our orders as he moves to the grill and starts preparing our burgers and the girl at the front prepares the salad.

King chicken burger combo ~$15- Double fillet of chicken in a toasted sesame seed burger bun, fresh hot chips with chicken salt and herb aioli and a can of coke. What a simple but great lunch meal.  Felt very nostalgic eating a meal like this >_<

Tandoori chicken with chips and garden salad ~$17 - there's a few salad options to choose from but we went with the most basic. The chicken was chargrilled to a smokey perfection and had a light yoghurt sauce to cut through some of the spices of the tandoori marinade.

As we ate, we watched the locals come and go, chatting to the owner and letting their kids run around the shop. Just like me when I was a young lad.


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