The Duck Inn Pub & Kitchen, Chippendale, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Lately, I find myself being invite to different occasions (birthdays, baby showers, xmas parties) where the commonality is that they are all held at cool little pubs that do great food and have an awesome laid back feel to them. Sometimes its a neat beer garden, or the selection of craft beers on offer or sometimes it's just the staff making you feel like one of the locals.

The Duck inn is a combination of both. Tucked away in to the side streets of Chippendale, is this rustic looking old-school corner pub. Stepped inside and it feels like you've just walked into your local pub. The service here is excellent and they also have a leafy beer garden out back -perfect for those sunny summers days.

Bangers and Mash - Blackforest smokehouse pork sausages, creamy mash, onion jam and jus - $19 -  I love it when the meaty goodness inside of the sausage bursts out of the sausage skins and caramelises to that slightly crispy texture. As you can see below, this was exactly what happened to this poor sausage. Good for me, bad for the sausage, hehe. Very nice smokey pork sausage filling on top of light mash.

Pulled pork burger - chipotle pulled pork, slaw, house made pickles and rocket with fries - $19 -  The burger bun was toasted a tad too much for me, but the pulled pork inside was to die for. Combined beautifully with the tang from the pickles and the crunch of the slaw. The chips were double fried, super crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

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