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Owned by the behemoth that is Merivale, and run by the charismatic Dan Hong, Ms Gs is something of a stalwart in the restaurant scene. Located in the heart of Kings Cross - literally a few minutes walk from the station, it has an unassuming neon sign at the front. If eating here for dinner (or anywhere in Kings Cross really), I recommend either a train in from the city or a cab, otherwise you will end up like us and having to spend 20+ minutes or so trying to find parking that isn't limited to 1 hour.

Also be warned that Ms Gs doesn't let you grab a table until your whole party has arrived, although you are welcome to wait at the cocktail bar upstairs. We had a group of 4 and were seated at a communal table. Despite first impressions, the table was sufficiently spacious to fit us all comfortably.

Being the lazy people that we are, and the fact that we were all starving, we went with the easy option of getting the banquet menu $65 per person for a smorgasbord of dishes. By the end of the meal, we were well and truly stuffed....

Ms G's grilled corn on the cob with Parmesan and lime - a great start to the banquet. Freshly grilled, smokey cobs of corned with just the right amount of saltiness coming from the Parmesan.

Tea in a bubble tea cup - $4 - tea in an adorable Ms G cup. Refreshing

333 Vietnamese beer- $8 - When in Rome, drink Roman beer. A crisp malty beer. Not bad.

Mini banh mi - pork belly and chicken katsu - a modern twist on the classic Vietnamese pork roll. Upgraded with crispy pork belly and juicy chicken katsu.

Ocean trout tostada, green papaya, guacamole, red nahm jim - An inspiring fusion of Mexican and Asian flavours. Crunchy tostada with mouthwatering slices of sashimi in a tangy sour dressing.

Dan Hong's crunchy vegetable salad, white soy and ginger vinaigrette - the vegetable dish of the night. a light salad with crunchy toasted corn kernels.

Prawn toast with yuzu aioli and herbs - another Dan Hong interpretation. Sesame coated minced prawn married beautifully with the fried toast. The shallots and other herbs on top cut through the oiliness very nicely.

Nasi goreng hitam with squid ink fried rice, chorizo sunny side egg and squid - Familiar yet different. The squid ink turns the usual golden brown fried rice a deep black but the flavours are still there. The saltiness of the chorizo balances well with the tender chunks of squid.

Mixed together it tastes a lot better than it looks!

Grandma's stirred spicy pork and tofu egg noodle -The herb topping makes another appearance again in this dish. The classic spicy ma por tofu sauce with chunks of silky smooth tofu. Usually I mix this with steamed white rice but in this case there was a underlying bed of egg noodles to soak up those delicious flavours.

Mushrooms and noodles (nut allergy option) - One of the diners had a nut allergy and Ms Gs went to the effort of providing a specific non nut dish for him. This was a noodle dish with a variety of mushrooms. Packed full of flavour, everyone else started digging in as well, hehe.

Bo saam crispy pork hock, apple kimchi, 5 flavour sauce, lettuce herbs - By this stage we were already stuffed and had lost count of the number of dishes we had eaten. But when this huge mass of protein came up, glistening with fatty goodness, we all found that extra bit of stomach space. The pork hock was roasted to a nice crispiness, whilst the instead was still moist with a layer of artery clogging but mouth-wateringly rendered fat behind the skin. Wrap a few lettuce leaves around this and through in some shredded carrot and it makes it a little bit more acceptably healthy, keke. We pretty much demolished this.

Jow's sweet and sour lamb ribs - I'm not a big fan of lamb as I find it a bit gamey for my liking but even I had my fair share of this dish. The meat was literally falling off the bone and the sauce was sticky with just the right amount of sweet and sourness.

Stoner's delight part 3 - doughnut ice cream, yuzu curd, peanut dulce de leche, peanut and pretzel brittle, crispy bacon, mars bar brownie, potato chips and deep fried nutella -  We got not one but 3 desserts! One was a substitute for the nut allergy but all of them were fantastic! The most different one was the Stoner's delight with a huge variety of flavours and textures mixed together. Not sure what I think of potato chips as a dessert tho, but the deep fried nutella was sooooooooooooo good!

Dirty passion - Japanese edition - yuzu curd, adzuki bean, coffee jelly, berries, chocolate crumbs, green tea ice cream - This was probably my least favourite (although others begged to differ).

Option - lemon sorbet with mango and sago and vanilla icecream (for nut allergies)- The most refreshing of the three. The lemon sorbet was light and palate cleansing with the sourness a perfect treatment for a bulging stomach.


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