Asahi pop up cold bar, Sydney CBD, Sydney

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I've never really been a big beer drinker, mainly opting for spirits, mixed drinks and cocktails when we go out, but there is something that is just so irresistible about downing an icey cold beer on a hot summers day. Kicking back, sipping on a nice beer and shooting the breeze with some mates is nice way to have a refreshing afternoon.

And so, it was with great fortune, that within 5 minutes walk of our office (corner of Hunter st and Bligh St), Asahi has opened up their summer pop up bar, which show cases their Asahi beer as well as some pretty decent bar food. Rocking up at 5:15 on a Friday evening (it's so awesome that it's still so sunny at this time compared to winter) the placed wasn't too busy, but the outdoor seating are was pretty much taken by corporate types already.

I have no idea what temperature normal beer is served at from the tap, but in typical Japanese fashion, someone has determined that Asahi is best server at exactly -2.2 degrees Celsius - and also built the machinery to allow for this to be served in this manner. Chatting to the bartender, this is meant to keep the beer carbonated longer and taste more smoother and refreshing on the palate.

Asahi super dry ~$8.50 - one of the two beers they offer on tap. I've had Asahi before from the bottles and the cans, but I honestly don't remember it being that refreshing a taste. This beer was light, crisp and indeed very smooth and refreshing with a dry after taste. Looks like the Japanese are right again!

Asahi super dry black ~$9 - not sure if' I've ever had (or seen) Asahi black around before but it kinda looks like a Guiness when it's poured, but tastewise, although more full bodied than its original, it retains its light, crisp refreshing taste. Perhaps slightly maltier as well.

Edamame beans with spicy salt - ~$8 - The bar menu had a number of decent items such as hot wings, tacos, sliders, fries etc (not terribly Japanese I thought) but we had dinner plans so didn't want to ruin our appetite, we just ordered the edamame. A great accompaniment to beer generally, these were made even better with the addition of a slight kick of chili. It doesn't really taste spicy at all until after you've had 10 or so but, but after that your lips start to tingle, lol.

Not really a place to go for a proper dinner unless you want to fill up on the bar menu, but a great place to drink, snack and chat.

Get in quick to try this bar because it'll be closing doors on January 23.

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