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'My chefs gallery' is a spin off of the 'Chefs gallery' restaurant which originally started next to KFC on Bathurst St in the city. Similar to  Din Tai Fung and other Shanghainese inspired cuisines, it was and still is quite popular.

My chefs gallery is a smaller restaurant, located inside the Metcentre in Wynyard. As an opening special (it was recently rebranded, refurnished and refreshed with a whole new menu), they have an offer where if you book online (at least 24 hours in advance), you get 30% of your bill. Not bad at all.

We actually ended up going here twice to try a few more of the dishes on offer. Below are some of these dishes.

Dan dan noodles with fried pork ribs - $16.90 - fantastic rich, nutty dan dan soup base with silky smooth noodles. A tiny bit of spiciness to the dish.

Deep fried pork accompanying the noodle was golden perfection. Juicy pork cutlets deep fried and sprinkled with sesame. Dipped into the salt and pepper, it was really salivating to eat.

Handmade noodles, shredded roast duck, egg, shitake mushroom, chinese brocolli - $17.80 - slivers of duck meat, ribbons of thin egg slice and slippery noodle tossed together with shitake mushrooms. A great combination of flavours and they did not skimp on the duck!

Flash fried medium wagyu beef with pepper sauce and lettuce salad - $25.90 - I thought this dish was somewhat overpriced. Sure the beef cubes were tender and cooked well, but the sauce was just a pepper sauce and the salad was just some lettuce. A tad disappointing I found given the hefty price tag.

Shredded duck meat and mushroom dumpling - $12.90 - Not an appetising look (they kinda look like brains), but inside is that lovely duck meat and mushroom flavour again - like the noodles above but stronger.  The sauce was a mild oyster sauce I think.

Vegetarian spring rolls with a spicy mushroom dipping sauce - $11.90 - I love the crispiness of this spring roll interpretation - the deep fried lattice pastry simple shattered inside your mouth to reveal the bounty of vegetables inside. Spreading the mushroom sauce onto the spring roll, added another dimension of flavour.

Fried rice with 3 eggs (Salted duck egg, century egg, and chicken egg) - $15.90 - A signature dish that I've had before at their mother restaurant on Bathurst St. You can really taste the different egg flavours in there. The best egg i think is the salted duck egg, which has a really nice saltiness, oiliness, creamyness as well as a granular texture at the same time.

Get in quick to take advantage of the discount cos the regular prices aren't cheap for this place! I think they also have a entertainment card offer as well.

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