Sakuratei, Sydney CBD, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Close to Townhall station and just behind the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) is a little Japanese restaurant. Hidden inside St Martins building (I think that's what the block is called) is Sakuratei. A gem not that many people used to know about but lately has been more and more popular with the lunch time work crowd.

The best dishes I've found at Sakuratei are are the Japanese curry and the ramen, so at this midday lunch break, we ordered both. The chefs are Japanese as are the wait staff which adds that air of tasty authenticity to the dishes :D

Inside the restaurant at a lunch time - quite packed with both city workers and also people who happen to be in the city and lucky enough to know about this place.

Pork Katsu Curry - $12.50 - They have a couple of katsu options - chicken, pork and prawn. I normally get chicken katsu but this time I had a craving for the pork katsu. It was definitely a good choice. Juicy succulent pork chops coated with a crispy panko crumb batter. The mildly spicy curry was sooooo warming on a cold day, and there was plenty to it to coat all over the chicken.

Chicken katsu ramen- $11.80 - hot miso soup, half an egg, seaweed and chicken katsu. The chicken katsu was super tender but the crispiness of the pank crumbs was lost as the soup made it a bit soggy. Delicious, but may have been better had the chicken been served separately.

Outside the window, you can see the courtyard where, if it was a warm sunny day, it would be delightful to sit outside and enjoy.

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