Ozeki Sushi, Hurstville, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Opposite the Hurstville Westfield shoppingtown is the relatively new Ozeki sushi. It's located on the western side of the Westfields, close to the Hurstville Arcade and below the RSL style club there. Luckily, there is a separate entrance to the restaurant and there is no need to sign into the club.

If you have a entertainment book then there is a coupon for this place that gives you 25%. Unfortunately we had forgotten ours but decided to eat here anyways. On a Saturday lunchtime, it was pretty and so we took a number and sat down in the designated waiting room. Yes, there is a room just for waiting which seems to suggest that this place may get quite busy during peak times.

Fortunately we didn't have to wait too long to grab a seat at one of the counters. You can order from the menu or grab straight from the train (prices are the same, but there are more options in the menu in terms of other dishes to choose)

The glossy menu - they do sushi as well as hotpot and other Japanese/Korean dishes

Prices are not cheap - especially compared to the places in the city that offer sushi trains for a flat $2.80 - $3.00 for all dishes. However, the variety here is fantastic and so is the quality.

Scallop sushi - $5.80

Salmon and tempura prawn sushi - $5.80 - a real delight to look at as well as eat- check out the single fish roe in the drop of mayo!

Snapper sushi - $3.80

Prawn and soft shell crab roll - $5.80 - a really good combo of two of my favourite sushi options

Scallop and salmon sushi - $5.80 - another great combo of sushi train favourites!

Beef hot pot - $9.80 - a stomach filling hot pot choc full of beef and noodles.

Ox tongue - $5.80 - super thinly sliced beef bbqed to perfection.

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