Fast Pho, Ultimo, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

I've previously talked about how one of the best ways of finding cheap, decent food is to eat near where there are universities. This observation again held true when I ate at the cheap and cheerful Vietnamese restaurant - Fast Pho.

Located near Broadway in the city and a very short walk from the University of Technology, is this simple but satisfying restaurant. They're open for lunch and dinner and we dropped by for dinner on a Wednesday night.

Despite the proximity to the main Broadway strip, there wasn't much of a crowd and the menu was short so we were able to quickly grab a table and make our orders. Not sure if the place gets more busy during lunch times though.

The 1 page menu - simple Vietnamese classics that you can hardly go wrong with. And checkout those prices!!

Beef noodle soup - $8 - that's right- $8! A pretty decent serving of beef pho for such a low price. The soup may not be the best there is, but the noodles were soft and slippery, there was sufficient pieces of thinly sliced topped off with the ubiquitous parsley and onion that made the dish so satisfying. The value for money of this dish is astronomical.

Spring roll with vermicelli salad - $8 - another $8 dollar dish and another satisfied customer. Look at those chunky pieces of spring roll sitting on the mounds of vermicelli and shredded vegetables. Again, maybe not the best of the best vermicelli salad I'v had, but for $8, it was pretty darn good.

Water is self serve in the corner and I think they accept cash only.

25 minutes and $16 later, 2 people walked away from Fast Pho patting their bellies. There are only three words to sum it up - Bloody good value!

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