Amici, Kogarah, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

A rainy Saturday night, without a decent clue of what to eat in sight....pretty poor rhyme I know, but this was the predicament we found ourselves in once again. So we turned to our trusty Entertainment book to see what deals they had for restaurants nearby. 

Kogarah was where the deal was, but when we arrived at the suggested place, it looked kinda dead and the main seating area had been booked out for a function. Luckily for us that when we were driving around looking for parking, we passed by a pretty decent looking Italian restaurant bustling with patrons. I think the general rule that if you don't know any place to eat, the place with a crowd is usually a good bet (unless it's a touristy area). 

So we grabbed a table and looked at what was good to eat. The setting is semi- afresco with tables and chairs set up around the restaurant but covered by proper plastic sheeting and gas heaters. These heaters definitely made the place more snug on a cold night.

Semi outdoor seating

Gamberi aglio, olio e peperoncino - prawns cooked in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, touch of chili served with pane di casa bread ~$16 - I always want to order garlic prawns whenever I see it on the menu. Not exactly the healthiest option with all that oil, but its one of the comfort dishes that I just can't go past. This one was full of succulent prawns prawns but slightly lacking in the garlic and chilli kick. Was still good soaking up the garlic and chilli residue in the oil on the crusty bread though, hehe

Special pasta of the day - crab meat, prawn, fresh tomato, olive oil, garlic and fresh chili - $21.90 - maybe it's the garlic and chili  combination, but I seemed to gravitate to this dish as easily as I got sucked into the garlic prawns. yummmm

Special pizza of the day - Eggplant, Bufala mozzarella, ham and rocket - ~$20 - wood fired with a thin crust. This pizza was soooo good. Nothing else to say.

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