The Shed, Notting Hill (London)

The Shed is a short walk from Notting Hill Gate tube station.

It has a daily-changing menu with a focus on sustainable ingredients and nose-to-tail cooking.

I have found that nose-to-tail cooking is not as prominent in London as it is in Sydney, so it was nice to find somewhere that features it. 

We ordered a number of plates to share.  Unfortunately we were seated at an awkward table near the door - have you ever been seated somewhere where you just get the sense that the table was just shoved there as an afterthought?  This was one of those times.

I won't bother describing the dishes in detail given the menu changes daily. 

Crispy bbq pork, baby gem (£7.50)

Pan fried goats cheese, hazelnuts, honey, thyme (£6.50)

Quail broth, wild garlic, poached egg (£7.50)

Sticky spatchcock quail, wild garlic pesto, pickled fennel (£8.50)

Beef cheek, cauliflower couscous, preserved lemon (£9.00)

To be honest, the highlight of the meal was dessert.  A vienetta!  This was a much fancier version of the vienetta that I am used to.  I lapped up every morsel.

Magnum vienetta parfait (£6.00)

Would I return?  The service was friendly but a bit absent minded - we were charged for an item that never came.  Paired together with the worst table, I think it is enough to deter me from coming again.

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