Pho Pasteur, Blacktown, Western Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Who would have thought that way out west, there was a Pho Pasteur! Pho Pasteur is one of the most well known Vietnamese restaurants in Sydney and in particular, for their super tasty beef pho.

I've only been to the the Pho Pasteur on George St in Haymarket, and was so was pleasantly surprised when wandering out west, looking for a place for dinner, we stumbled across it again on the top level of Westfields Parramatta. This top level hosted a whole bunch of restaurants and seemed to be the place to eat for locals as the carpark was packed and so were most of the restaurants on this Saturday night. 

Luckily, we were able to get ourselves a table.

We decided to try share dishes and ordered a few from the menu. We wanted to order the Vietnamese pancakes but were informed that this would take 1 hour to prepare =(

Chicken and prawn fried rice with XO sauce ~$18 - a huge plate of fried rice (not sure if we accidentally ordered a larger size or something) A bit spicy with the XO sauce but otherwise fragrant and tasty fried rice.

Chicken and cashews ~$16 - tender chicken, crunchy cashews and a handful of carrot, onion, peas and mushrooms. A pretty standard but delicious chicken and cashew dish.

Grill pork chops (Vietnamese style) ~$16 - I don't know how they do it, but the pork chops grilled Vietnamese style is always so juicy and delicious. This was no exception and we devoured this in no time at all.

The prices at this restaurant compared to the other chains seemed a tad more expensive, but this is probably to cover the higher rental costs from Westfields.

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  1. Wow there are Pho Pasteurs everywhere! And yes, I can never resist Vietnamese grilled pork chops either!

  2. Always a classic eatery, love the pho here!

  3. Hi Helen,
    I think I'm going to try make those pork chops myself and see if I can get them tasting as good!