Mussel Men, Dalston (London)

Dalson is an epicentre of edgy cool.  It's still rough around the edges and grungy but with so many pop-ups, hipster restaurants and bars, most twenty-something Londoners would be hard pressed to avoid it.

My friend told me about Mussel Men, a new place that focuses on mussels.

I love mussels - I was there.

It is a small nautical themed restaurant on Kingsland Road. Like a lot of places in East London, it is trendy...hipster.

The menu is short and to the point.  It is a choice of mussels, lobster, crab or scallops.

We decided to share a half doz rock oysters (£10)

A serving of mussels and fries

Scallops with smoked potato and bacon (£10)

The scallops were plump, fat and delicious.

However it was a Friday night and I was in a mood to splurge.  I was also ridiculously hungry and as we had shared the three plates above, I decided to go all out and get a half lobster!

Half lobster (£14)

The lobster meat was sweet and fresh but over far too soon. If I had a lobster craving, I would probably recommend Burger & Lobster over Mussel Men.

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  1. Rosana,

    After tasting oysters overseas, I appreciate even more how fresh and delectable Australian oysters are.


  2. I frequent Mussel Men Restaurant and have since they opened in December 2013, I have found it to be a friendly Scottish seafood fare where people from all walks of life builders to politicians not only "hipsters" go to eat drink and meet
    see for yourself

  3. Hi chopinandmysaucepan: I agree, the quality of seafood in Sydney and Australia generally is enviable once you go overseas!

    Hi sean: interesting comment - I didn't find anything particularly scottish about the seafood but agree it is nice, cosy restaurant to meet your friends