Mooberry, Neutral Bay, Sydney

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Mooberry is a yoghurt and dessert chain that originated on King Street in Newtown, but has since expanded to Rhodes as well as more recently, Neutral bay. I was invited to taste a sampling of their menu items which I gladly accepted. So on a sunny winters day, we went fishing at Clifton gardens in the morning and then proceeded to Mooberry for our sampling session.

Having not caught a single fish, we weren't in the best of moods but stepping into the Mooberry shop, the manager (John) was so cheerful that we couldn't sustain our grumpy moods.

He gave a quick run through of the menu and the items we were tasting today and then off we went to explore the place and await our food and drinks.

What was surprising about the place was just how spacious it was! You can't really tell from the outside or even when you step in, but the place is split over 3 different levels, with seating and tables on all levels. Perhaps this could be something they mention on the front window as passer bys peering in might think the place was full!

Although they usually have 6 frozen yoghurt flavours, unfortunately 2 were unavailable that day as they were cleaning the machines. The flavours were pretty unique compared to the other froyo shops and we ended up going for passionfruit and salted caramel.

As with all froyo places, there were a multitude of additional toppings to choose from. I've always thought that frozen yoghurt toppings should be soft and easy to chew as it is placed on top of the yoghurt and I always eat it all in one mouthful. However, as I watched other people enjoy their froyos, I noticed that they had a variety of toppings that I would normally never consider given their texture (i.e too crunchy/hard to eat with the yoghurt). For example, gummis bears, tim tam pieces and m and ms. But I see now that one way to eat these is to pick them out of the yoghurt and enjoy them separately! It's like adding an additional level to the froyo! Must try this next time...

Passionfruit frozen yoghurt topped with passionfruit, strawberry/lychee/green apple pearls and mochi. A very refreshing froyo with the familiar passionfruit tang made ever so much nicer with the real passionfruit sauce. The pearls popped in your mouth creating a fruit salad in my mouth, haha. The mochi, whilst not as flavoursome, gave me something to chew on as I enjoyed the yoghurt. Colourful and delicious.

Salted caramel frozen yoghurt with coconut jelly, almond slivers and lychee pearls. The more bland looking of the two but not bland in taste! The salted caramel froyo was decadent bliss with the toppings providing extra flavour elements.

From the top level you can grab a counter seat and gaze out on to the bustle of Military road or across the way into the people working out at the gym, hehe.

After a short wait, we received two hot chocolates. One normal Belgian hot chocolate and one salted caramel hot chocolate. Whilst both were nice, the salted caramel hot chocolate was definitely the pick of the two. John informed us that the salted caramel used in the hot chocolate was the same as that used to flavour the froyo- no wonder we liked it so much =)

Lastly, we finished with a Belgian waffle, drizzled (more like drowned!) in a mix of milk and dark chocolate topped with fresh strawberries and banana. Sooo rich and morish.....mmmmmmmm

In addition to frozen yoghurt, waffles and dessert, Mooberry also serves breakfast and coffee (the prices looked pretty reasonable too) Will have to try that next time I'm in the area. Hopefully, before or after some more fruitful fishing!

The Food Book dined as a guest of Mooberry

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