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When you get to my age, compared to when you're young and full of energy, some Fridays instead of going out for drinks/dinner/partying with friends, you just want to go home and stuff your face in front of the TV. Last Friday was one of these days and so I took the opportunity to try out - the online food delivery service which gives you access to a huge number of local restaurants. I'd heard good things about it from friends on facebook and was looking forward to trying it out myself.

We decided to go for Chinese to try out one of the local restaurants that we always drive past and had decent reviews online. Ordering online is literally a breeze, log on to, type in your location and it brings up all the local places to service your area. Alternatively you can search by cuisine etc etc. You then choose when you want it delivered and also the various dishes you want. Very very intuitive interface.

I ordered just before leaving work and actually made an error when placing my order - I clicked that I wanted it to be delivered NOW instead of 7pm when I would actually be home! Luckily, the order confirmation (via sms and email) brought this to my attention as well as providing the phone number of the restaurant for me to give a quick buzz and get it sorted.

Delivery was well timed (10 mins early to be precise) and the dishes were still hot despite it being cold and windy outside. We ordered 2 dishes and saved a bit of money by cooking our own rice (otherwise it's $3 a serving). Delivery cost was $3.

Pork spare ribs with spiced salt - $13.80 - An old classic and a good test of a Chinese kitchen. These ribs were meaty and delicious with a good dusting of the famous salt and pepper flavours that this dish is renowned for. Topped with a sprinkling of fried garlic, shallots and chilies served on a bed of crunchy rice noodles. Nothing to complain about here.

Fillet steak piece with wasabi sauce - $16.80 - a dish that if I see on the menu I will usually order. The beef was juicy and tender, the sauce thick and mouthwatering and the wasabi peas on top providing and additional level of texture. But where was the wasabi flavour! The wasabi flavour from the peas was lost when eaten with the sauce and there was none of the sinus clearing wasabi hit that I was looking for :(
Whilst a tasty dish, and the peas providing a slight twist, there just wasn't enough of the wasabi taste for me.

Complimentary prawn crackers - yumm

Overall, menulog - definitely an hassle free way of getting meals home delivered at reasonable prices.
Kingsgrove Chinese Restaurant, decent but not mind blowing - would order from them again but probably not the wasabi beef.

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