Masuya, Sydney CBD

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Masuya is somewhat of an institution when it comes to high quality Japanese cuisine. Their underground restaurant on O'Connell street has been around since as long as I remember with the inside not having changed much over the years.

I haven't been here in a while (although I did recently try their Izakaya restaurant - Masuya Izakaya), so we decided to check it out again. The place was packed as expected, but we managed to get a table so long as we left before 7:30pm. We gladly took the offer and was lucky we did as many other customers came in a few minutes after us but had to be turned away.

Around the restaurant, there was posters around advertising their selection of Blue Fin Tuna dishes. Enquiring with the waitress what the deal was, we were informed that in the months of July and August, Blue Fin Tuna is served in addition to the usual tuna varieties. Blue Fin Tuna is meant to be the premium of the tuna varities and in particular, certain cuts of the tuna is meant to be super tasty - think melt in the mouth fatty tuna sashimi, mmmmmmmm

Blue fin tuna sushi combo - $34.80 - Given it was the in season specialty, we definitely had to try to Blue fin tuna. Some tuna nigiri and mini rolls were promptly brought to our table we savoured every morsel of this delicious tuna. The tuna toro is the located on the back and belly of the tuna and is marbled with fat compared to the usual cuts of tuna sashimi which is a dark red colour. The taste is noticeable as is the texture. It is no wonder that some tuna toro can fetch such high prices at the fish markets.

Deep fried fish katsu - deep fried crumbed fish fillet served with homemade tartar and tonkatsu sauce - $24.80. Whilst delicious, the tuna is not particularly filling and we had to order a few mains to satiate our hunger. The fried fish katsu was a crunchy but light crumb coating over delicate flaky fish fillets. The tartar sauce was the perfect accompaniment although the tonkatsu sauce I didn't think went so well with the fish.

Misoyaki Chicken - oven grilled marinated thigh fillet of chicken served with green vegetables - $20.80 - A simple grilled chicken dish but done so well. Tender and moist pieces of chicken with just the right amount of caramelisation of the chicken skin.

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