Nomad, Surry Hills, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

It's times like these when I wish I was one of those bloggers that carry those big ass DSLRs bazooka like cameras instead of my puny camera. That way I would be truly able to showcase the awesome food at Nomad in spite of its low light setting >_<.

We actually wanted to eat at Longrain this night, but even arriving at what I thought was early (630pm), the place was packed full of people already and the wait list of longing than my arm. Thus we decided to wander around to see what other restaurants were nearby. Lo and behold, with very little signage, sat Nomad. We were fortunate enough that upon querying for tables, they informed us that a table for two had just cancelled but we would have to leave before 830pm. That was fine by us as by this stage we were pretty ravenous.

We sat down, peroused the short menu and quickly made our selections.

The bar seating

Woodfired sourdough with black salt butter - $2.50 pp - we started off with some crusty sourdough bread to accompany the pickles and olives that we had ordered. Pretty nice bread but nothing amazing.

Nomad Pickles and Olives - $15 - one of the specialties about Nomad is that they do all their own pickling, so we had to try their pickles selection which included, pickled cauliflower, cabbage, gherkins, beetroot amongst others. There was also an assortment of olives - a range of colours and sizes. A nice start to the meal.

BBQ king prawns with pine nuts, brown butter and parmesan - $18 - wow! one of the most delicious prawns I've tasted! Two large prawns in an outstanding brown butter sauce. If I had a platter of this I would have been in heaven. (The price is a bit steep though for just two prawns)

BBQ Wagyu Tongue with mojo verde -$16 - Again, apologies for the photo quality as it was quite dim. This was a skewer of Wagyu tongue, sliced ever so thinly and covered with a green sauce. YUM but again not cheap! arrgghh - my poor wallet!

Wood roasted pork, charred cabbage with sweet potato and cheddar gratin - $37 - Lucky we were informed by the waiter that the mains are to be shared, otherwise we would have ordered two dishes from the mains section and wouldn't have been able to finish. This dish had a huge amount of pork + crackling. So juicy and delicious.

Sweet potato gratin- side dish for the pork - very nice and a bit different to your usual potato sides. We were so impressed by this we tried to make it at home a week later, hehe.

Overall, I would recommend this place if budget isn't too much of a concern as the food is extremely mouth watering. The pork and the prawns were the standouts for me. Be sure to make a booking as a number of people walked in after us and were turned down because the place was full and reservations had been made.

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  1. The food isn't super cheap but that wagyu tongue is so darn tasty!

  2. Sometimes you just have to splurge a little to satisfy your tastebuds!

  3. I adore this place, but yes - a bit ouchies on the wallet. You didn't have the house-made charcuterie...? :(

  4. didn't get the chance :( next time...