Hong Ha Bakery, Mascot, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Hong Ha bakery - if you are an aficionado of pork rolls (and I know many people are) this name is synonymous with great tasting, freshly made pork rolls at a decent price.

The secret I think is in their bread roll. Baked fresh every morning in house at the store in Mascot, it provides the perfect foundation for the other pork roll ingredients. I think they used to also have a branch in Hurstville, but it may have closed down?

Anyways, we were actually thinking about going to Bourke street bakery or Christopher's cakes for a bit of breakfast early on a Saturday morning, but for some reason, we suddenly changed our minds. A pork roll for breakfast? Why not we thought!

And so we rocked up to the Mascot branch of Hong Ha and lo and behold - there were already people having the same idea as us! We joined the queue for the pork rolls and patiently waited whilst watching the ladies and chefs bustling around at the back.

They also have meat ball rolls, spring rolls, chicken rolls, cheese and bacon rolls etc etc....

The ingredients all waiting to be sandwiched in that lovely soft but crunchy bread roll

Cross -section of the pork roll- sooo good for just $5!  Packed full of carrot, coriander, slices of pork and ham, shallots, pate and probably some other ingredients I've forgotten.... what a great start to the weekend!

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  1. Yum! Can never resist banh mi, and these are way up there in deliciousness.

  2. One of the best - even for breakfast!