Stra HJK, Strathfield, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Stra Hae Jang Kuk is one of the many Korean restaurants located in Strathfield and one that I actually hadn't tried in all these years.

Located slightly further away from the main shopping area on The Boulevarde, it serves a a more limited traditional menu at dinner times (maybe only 10 menu items in total).

It's specialty is the 'sundae' but don't get this confused for the ice cream or you will be in for a surprise. Sundae is actually a traditional Korean dish made generally by boiling or steaming cow or pig's intestines that are stuffed with various ingredients.

However on this occasion, we were freezing cold and opted for the hot pot soups instead- and boy were they hot, steaming and delicious! Served in a traditional stone pot placed directly onto the fiery stove, be careful when you're eating or you might accidentally burn yourself.

Pork bone soup w/rice  ~$17 - loaded with mushrooms, pork bones, beans and other vegies, this hot pot definitely hits the spot for those cold winter nights. The bone itself actually has meaty chunks hanging off it just waiting for you to pick them up and eat it, hehe. It is also a tad spicy.

Seafood and tofu hot pot w/rice ~$18  - The smaller and slightly less moreish of the two hotpots, this was nonetheless a delicious mouth watering soup, with mushrooms, bean sprouts tofu and morsels of seafood strewn within.

and of course, the complimentary banchans

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  1. Ooh love soondae! And haha you'd definitely be in for a surprise if you were expecting ice cream!

  2. Hi Helen, I'm glad that they explained it on the menu otherwise I probably would have ordered it for dessert, lol