Malacca Straits, Broadway, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

I first went to Malacca Straits a few years ago and immediately fell in love with this place. So many dishes to choose from with delicious Malaysian flavours. You can also bring your own mud crab and they will cook it for you for a fee.

The restaurant itself is a bit hard to find as it is nestled away on Mountain Street and is surrounded by apartment blocks.

On this occasion we were starving and quickly ordered what we saw as the most appetising dishes.

Char Kway Teoh with chicken $11 - nice 'heat of the wok' taste to this dish which I think is always very important, but otherwise I thought it was a tad bland.

Hainanese chicken rice $10 - The old classic. Hard to get this wrong if you know what you are doing and the chefs here know what they are doing. De-bond chicken, chicken rice and chilli sauce + soup. I basically inhaled this in 10 mins. Yummmm

Golden sand prawn  $26.80 - Crispy prawns served in a batter of salted egg yolk. I had this dish a number of years ago in Hong Kong as it is my cousins favourite dish. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed in this dish tonight. The egg yolk batter was delicious and the prawns decent and chunky. However, the problem was in the underlying batter of the prawn! The prawn was coated in an outside flour-y shell before being cooked in the egg yolk! This meant that between the egg yolk and the prawn was this chewy mess of a floury batter :( not a very pleasant taste or texture.

Overall, still recommend this place despite the disappointment in the 'gum sar har'.

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  1. Well I better try to visit the Malacca Straits, Broadway, Sydney since you have recommended it though you have some disappointments.