Smolt, Hobart, Tasmania

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Compared to Sydney, Hobart is a much smaller town and so when cruising around the main waterfront dining area didn't take too long. In Salamanca place, there's a number of bars and restaurants to choose from and on a Friday night, it is quite a happening place to be. Smolt is also located here and we were luckily enough to score a table without any bookings. However, being one of the higher rated restaurants in Hobart, I would definitely recommend booking beforehand if you can.

The waitress was very friendly and we wasted no time in perusing the menu and making our selections. The great thing about Tasmania in general is how fresh the majority of the food is. Surrounded by clean sea waters and only kilometres away from the nearby farms means that the produce used in dishes is top notch. Smolt is no exception and almost all its dishes are based on locally sourced produce.

Complimentary bread and olive oil vingear

Spring bay mussels in white wine sauce, saffron aioli, dill, parsely, shallots and garlic $23.90- a fresh and generous serving of plump juicy mussels in a white wine sauce, sooo good. Can taste the sea with this dish -  I just wish there was more of the sauce to dip the bread into!

Tomato braised octopus $19.90 - octopus was fresh but probably the least favourite of my dishes for the night as I found some pieces of octopus a bit tough to chew.

Grill Tassal Salmon, Chorizo on lentils $33.90 -you basically cannot leave Tasmania without tasting some of its fresh salmon at least once (although you probably will have more once you realise how good it is). The salmon was beautifully cooked to perfection and you could really taste the freshness of the fish. Hard to describe, but its like their is a nice fattiness to fish that is really fresh or live from a tank. The chorizos provided a good hit of saltiness to the dish.

Locally farmed roast lamb leg with root vegetables $36.90 - Another great dish for the night beautifully coked leg with a selection of simple root vegetables. Nothing to complain about this dish at all.

Not a cheap meal by any means, but given the location, the ingredients and the flavours, it was definitely good value for money.

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