Felon's Bistro, Port Arthur, Tasmania

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I would never have guessed that my favourite dish that I had whilst in Tasmania was at the Port Arthur tourist attraction's bistro. 

Port Arthur is one of the big tourist attractions in Tasmania and represents a large area of convict era buildings beautifully restored for people to look at it. One of the special tours you can go on here is the Port Arthur ghost tour, where you are guided through pitch darkness by only a few lanterns and taken through the dark and gruesome tales that happened in the past. You can if you choose, package the ghost tour with a meal at Felon's bistro and I highly recommend that you do.

These 2 or 3 tours each night at Port Arthur and you can choose to either have your meal before or after the tour. The package entitles you to the tour as well as a 2 course meal at Felon's. This can be either entree/main or main/dessert depending on your choosing. Adding up the costs of the meals you can save a few dollars but in addition to that, I left feeling very satisfied. Beats driving back to the hotel in the dark starving that's for sure!

The bistro itself is quite small and the staff is limited so there service is a tad slow, however the staff cannot be faulted and as they were knowledgeable and courteous. We browsed the menu and chose the items we liked the most.Whilst we were waiting, there are some awesome placemats that had some historical information about the convict life at Port Arthur. Really makes you think about how they used to live like back then.

Mercury draught cider $7 - straight from the Cascade brewery in Hobart where we visited earlier, hehe. Crisp and refreshing

Felon's local tasting plate - Woody island oysters, Norfolk bay smoked mussels, pickled octopus, Rannoch farm quail, Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon $18 - a decent starter with a number of items giving you a taste of the local delicacies. All the items are served cold which is a tad disappointing as I generally prefer hot entrees. The standout was the quail which had a lovely smokey flavour. 

Tasmanian Blue Eye pan fried with crispy skin served on Tasmanian potato mash with a lemon, dill and caper beurre blanc $30 - perfectly cooked blue eye (not dry at all which is easy to do for blue eye) with a punchy marinade on a bed of creamy creamy mash- yummmmm

Rib eye steak on the bone with roast vegies and mushroom sauce - $36 - this was the board special for the day and I'm sooooo glad I ordered it. The steak was just soooo tender and flavoursome it's not even funny. Even without the delicious mushroom sauce the meat itself was drool worthy. After eating the meat, I found myself literally gnawing on the bone to try to get the tiny morsels of flesh stuck to the bone - it was that good. It really shows how fresh ingredients cooked well really makes the difference

A little bistro inside a tourist attraction - who would have ever guessed could have produced such great dishes.

Truly a hidden gem.

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