Bakery 31, Ross, Tasmania

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Over the recent long weekend, I spent a few days down in Tasmania to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Sydney life. As we only had a few days to spare, we spent most of our time around Launceston, Hobart and Port Arthur.

Landing in Launceston, I was surprised by the sudden drop in temperatures. Compared to Sydney where I was still able to walk around town in short sleeves, as soon as I stept off the plane I could already feel the stiff cold winds sending chillls down my neck.

As we drove down from Launceston to Hobart along the heritage highway (passing through the towns from the convict era) we made a number of stops along the way. One of these stops was to try the famous Tasmanian Scallop pies. Using the fresh local scallops caught from the pristine ocean waters surrounding Tasmania, the scallop pies have become an icon of Tasmania and is now exported to other states across Australia.

The source of these pies is non other than the old town bakery located in the sleepy tree-lined suburb of Ross. Bakery 31 is located in the main retail strip of Ross (you cannot miss it as it is not a very big town). Stepping inside the bakery, there is some inside seating or you can get takeaway or sit outside. Given that we wanted a break and it was freezing cold outside, we chose to enjoy our pies inside by the fireplace. This meant that we did pay a little bit extra for our pies.

We ordered the Scallop pie and also a Chunky steak and mushroom pie to try.

Scallop pie ($7.45)- choc full of scallops in a light curried sauce, surround by a flaky but soft pastry.

Whilst overall tasty, I felt the pie was a bit underwhelming as the sauce lacked punch and I prefer a crispier pastry.

Chunky steak and mushroom pie ($5.45) - same pastry as the scallop pie but with a meaty filling.

The filling was very thick on the inside and full of bits of beef and mushrooms.

Ross is a great place to take a break on the heritage highway- be sure to also visit the Australian Wool Museum to check out how the differents wools get exported from Australia!

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