Yum cha, Golden Times Chinese Restaurant, Ashfield

Guest blogger edition

Another weekend, another yum cha lunch with the parentals. This time, a new place, located in the Ashfield Wests Club on Liverpool road. With a huge free parking area and district views, this yum cha restaurant (they also do dinner) was quite nice.

We arrived early - around 11am to avoid the dreaded rush of lunch time patrons that my parents are so afraid of (even though they have nothing else on for the rest of the day). The restaurant is located up the escalators on the second floor and as it is part of a RSL club, you will have to sign in and potentially sign up as a member if you live within a certain radius and are not a member with any other clubs (I think the cost sis $10 a year). Although they can be a bit lenient when they're busy. 

We got our table quickly and began to order our favorites. The downside of arriving early is that the kitchen hasn't really hit its highest gear yet and is a bit slower in churning out the dishes. For example, we waited at least 30 mins for the standard prawn dumplings (har gao) which by the the time they came, we had already stuffed our faces with other dishes.
Siu Mai

Eggplant fish tofu

Beef balls

Thousand year egg and pork congee

Chicken feet

Egg tarts - hot and fresh with a really nice crumbly pastry - so much better than the ones with the shortcrust pastry at Breadtop I think

Beef churn fun

Not actually sure what these are called in English - crispy yet soft on the outside with savoury meat filling on the inside

Fried churn fun with peanut and tangy sauce

Fried Asian donuts - wow! I haven't had this in so long. I remember eating this a lot more when I was little and stopped as I got older (probably cos it's totally unhealthy). But this was so delicious...deep fried to perfection with some sweetness in the middle -yummmm

Not a cheap yum cha restaurant overall with the bill hitting around $100 for 6 people, but a refreshing change from the window-less low rise suburban restaurants around. I guess someone has to pay for the location, space and views!

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  1. having yum cha cravings right now. sucks that you had to wait so long for the dumpling dishes to arrive though.

  2. I feel the same when I see blog posts about yumcha! haha