Waitan, Sydney CBD

Guest blogger edition

Having attended the opening night of Waitan and trying the amazing canapes on offer that night, I felt it only right to visit again as a normal paying customer to see if this restaurant has any merit on its own.

Arriving on a rainy Friday night at around 630ish, we entered the restaurant very casually and was seated immediately. No longer were there the models and Lamborghinis or red carpet. Just your normal restaurant located on the second floor of a Chinatown building. You probably wouldn't know it was there unless you were looking for it.

When we were seated, we were probably only 1 of 6 or 7 tables dining at the time. By the time we left, there were a few more but it was still relatively quiet given the size of the restaurant. The bar side also had some patrons but not the bustling Friday night crowd you might usually expect.

We were given the large sized menus with a number of very intriguing dishes and so it took us some time to decide what to eat. Please be aware that the prices at this restaurant are not the same as your usual Chinatown places so if you are on a tight budget, I would recommend staying away from here.

The waiter was very polite and helpful and brought our dishes in a very timely manner (we could see a number of chefs working in the open kitchen which could be why).

Poached chicken in chilli oil and sesame sauce ~$25 -Wow, the first dish to come out was literally a flavour explosion. Cold poached chicken, deboned swimming in szechuan chilli and sesame sauce - not too spicy but sooooo delicious. Definitely the best dish of the night.

Unfortunately inside the mount of chicken was some beansprouts and not more chicken as I has hoped >_<!

Prawns with wasabi mayo ~$30 - fat crispy prawns drizzled with wasabi mayo and some mango salsa. A nice idea and flavour combination but it didn't work out as good as I thought it could have. The prawns were fat and juicy but the mayo had almost no wasabi kick to it and the batter was a tad thick.

Wagyu beef fried rice ~$29 - Instead of ordering steamed rice, we thought we might try something different and order the fried rice and what better sounding rice is there than wagyu fried rice? Interestingly, the fried rice was topped off with some popped rice - think savoury rice bubbles. This added a nice crunchy texture to the dish.

Under the layer of popped rice was normal fried rice. The flavour of this fried rice was nice and there was a real 'heat of the wok' taste if you know what I meant, however, the wagyu beef was seriously lacking. There were only some minuscule specks of beef which really doesn't justify the price of the dish. Taste wise, its good, but value wise it doesn't hit the mark.

Mushroom, chinese broccoli and braised beancurd ~$22 - To satisfy our daily recommended intake of vegatables, we ordered this dish and was pleasantly surprised. The beancured was silky smooth and topped off with some sort of vegetable (still can't put my finger on what it was - maybe spinach?) and the other vegies cooked nicely.

Four dishes for 2 people is probably a bit much and we asked for a takeaway container (which we consumed for breakfast the next day) and it was given to us in a nice paper bag.

I think the Waitan menu still needs a bit of tweaking but the idea is right. Happy to dine there again, but not too too often given the price tag of the dishes. 

I must also give props to the waiter who remembered to return my umbrella which he had put away when were seated as I had totally forgotten about it!

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  1. I want to try dining at Waitan Restaurant...

  2. Seems to have dropped considerably after all that blogger hype...

  3. I think they are on the right track but still need some tweaking - the chicken was seriously delicious!