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I used to go to the Grace Hotel, located on the corner of King and York street in the city, for the Malaysian restaurant that they had tucked into the back there, but the other day, my mate mentioned that there is a brand spanking new pizza/pasta place there called Vapiano.

Vapiano is apparently is a big chain with restaurants all over the world and the Sydney branch only opening up recently. The premise of the restaurant is that you can have freshly cooked, Italian inspired meals without waiting forever. Effectively, a fast food restaurant but serving fresh Italian cuisine.

Upon entering, you receive a card - which basically operates as though you had opened a bar tab - all your food and drink orders are placed on the card when you order at the various counters. Inside the restaurant (which is very nicely decked out), you can immediately notice the open kitchen layout where you can see the staff at working, cooking pizzas and pastas and preparing salads.

I grabbed a menu and lined up at the pasta counter (there are different counters depending on what you are ordering). I chose my pasta flavours and also the type of pasta from the display. Then it was a matter of waiting for the person that took my order to also cook my order! From the counter I could see exactly what was going in my pasta and also make any comments to the way you wanted it cooked e.g. cheese/no cheese, salt/pepper or if you have any allergies etc. You can also pay a little extra if you want to add certain things into the pasta e.g. extra chicken ($3).

Five minute later and my pasta was ready. The pasta was cooked al dente and very fresh, the mushrooms were delicious as was the creamy sauce. Only quibble was that there was not much sauce and probably could have done with a bit more salt. Otherwise, a very yummy meal.

Funghi papperdelle ($17)

A good place to go with a bunch of friends to chill out with a quick meal in a nicely decorated restaurant. Next time, I will try the pizzas.

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  1. Can't wait to try Vapiano again, haven't had it in years since Gold Coast!