Musashi, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

There's a few restaurants located around the Capitol square area and Musashi is an old favourite. We used to frequent it a lot back in the uni days, but recently it has had a bit of a refurbishment and a change in menu and so we were curious to try it out again.

The menu has definitely changed to be less of the standard bento box type items that you would see in a normal restaurant and more izakaya style menu items (although they are still large single dish servings not your usual izakaya skewers). They've also beefed up the sake and drinks menu to be in line with this new style.

We ordered relatively lightly as we weren't too hungry and didn't have much time. The food came out surprisingly quickly!

Salt and pepper calamari (~$17)- nice light tempura batter but not enough mayo sauce! Fried chillies gave a nice kick as well.

Sashimi of the day (~$20)- super fresh salmon and tuna slices - yummm

Chicken katsu on a bed of coleslaw (~$15)- nothing too special here

Bowl of rice - $3

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