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Burwood road in Burwood is full of different restaurants and cuisines and on a Saturday night, the street is buzzing with diners everywhere looking for a decent feed. Joining the multitude of options is a new Vietnamese restaurant by the name of Mint. Located perhaps a 10 min walk away from the Westfield entrance, Mint seems to be a bit more than you standard Vietnamese joint.

Stepping inside, you immediate notice the furnishings are a bit more up market then the usual restaurants and this is further confirmed when you look at the menu. At first, it is a bit disconcerting as I'm always used to eating delicious Vietnamese food in dingy places, but once you get over the initial surprise, its pretty comfy.

The first thing on their menu seems to be their signature dish - wagyu beef pho. This is the first time I've ever seen wagyu used in pho before so it was a must order. Apart from this, we also ordered the signature spring rolls for entree and also a beef and beef ball pho.

Signature spring rolls - $9 - filled with meat and vegies, and wrapped in a crispy thin pastry, this spring roll was a bit more than your standard spring rolls - filling and delicious with a side of lettuce and pickled carrot/radish to cut through the oiliness.

The signature wagyu beef pho ~$20 - the waiter asked if we wanted to the large or regular (suggesting that we should get the large), however we chose the regular. This turned out to be the right choice as the bowl was huuuugeee. Probably the biggest 'regular' size pho I've ever had and it was literally choc full of beef - rare beef, beef brisket and thin slices of wagyu. Whilst I'd like to say the Wagyu was the star, I'm afraid within the pho, its trademark marbled fatty goodness was kinda lost. Not a bad pho overall however, just not as awesome as I though it might be.

Complimentary pho toppings

Beef and beef ball pho - $15 - you can see from the photo, this pho is smaller than the wagyu beef pho bowl but even so, it is still a pretty big bowl. Nothing too special about this pho, not the worst, but not the best either. The soup could have been a tad hotter.

Overall, a pho joint with a bit of a nicer decor inside. Not a bad place for a good pho in Burwood.

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  1. That pho looks to die for! Now I know that in Burwood, the Vietnamese and Asian food is top notch already, but looking at the pictures really just seals it in for me!