Hot Star Fried Chicken, Sydney CBD

Guest blogger edition

The latest deep fried craze at the moment is Hot Star Fried chicken. Originally from the streets of Taiwan, this fast food outlet has now hit Sydney - Liverpool street to be exact. What used to be a small and simple Korean restaurant, has not turned in a fast food takeaway shop front serving deep fried chicken.

The chicken breast is crumbed in a flour-y coating before behind deep fried. The chicken is cooked to order and so there may be a bit of a wait as you wait for them to cook your chicken. Apart from chicken they also have some mushrooms and sweet potato chips and a few other bits and pieces to try. 

On this occasion we just ordered the signature chicken with spicy flavouring (which is just sprinkled on top after the chicken is fried).

My thoughts on the chicken:

The good: The chicken is huge (around the size of my hand or slightly bigger), the chicken is fresh and piping hot, the chicken is moist and juicy, the crumb is crunchy and the spiciness was nice

The bad: The batter just tastes like flour to me and after a number of bites, I was a bit sick of that flour-y taste, there is a bone in the chicken which you may or may not expect and its a bit greasy.

Overall, a somewhat tasty snack, but probably not something I'd go looking for too often, although I wouldn't mind trying those sweet potato fries....

Hot Star chicken ~$8

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