Cafe Cya, Sydney CBD

Guest blogger edition

Hidden away in an alley on the side of George Street is a little Korean Cafe called 'Cafe C'ya'. It's located in the alley across the road from Event cinemas. Head down the steps into the cafe and it reveals a cozy little setting where the owners are serving home style Korean cuisine.

Starving, we quickly got seated and ordered our usual favourites.

Dol sot bimbimbap - not sure why but the 'dol sot' version of bimbimbap - which is served in a heated stone pot is sooo much better than the normal bimbimbap served in a normal pot. Even though it usually costs $1-2 more, it is definitely worth it.

This one was no exception and was delicious! The black bean noodle was OK to but not as good as the bimbimbap.

Black bean cold noodle 

Complimentary ban chan

A good choice for a quick dinner before a movie at Event cinemas.

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