Taste baguette, Martin Place, Sydney CBD

Guest blogger edition

I have a new renewed addiction to freshly baked baguettes with mouth water fillings! Taste Baguettes were insanely popular back in 2007ish with one of their initial flagship stores down near Erskine street in Wynyard. In those days, you could not only get baguettes there to takeaway, but it was also a sit down cafe/restaurant as well. Of course their specialty was baguettes, and everyone used to line up for them. I think the key to their success was the freshly baked and crunchy baguettes, teamed up with delicious fillings such as the crowd favourite lemon grass chicken/beef.

Fast forward a few years later and the Taste Baguette chain had spread to a number of places aiming to duplicate the success of their flagship store.

On this occasion, I visited the Martin Place which is located in the small section of shops on the way to Martin Place train station. The place is under new management and it really shows. The dining area has been refurbished, the counters now fully stocked with pastries, drinking coconuts and fruits for juices and they now serve Campos coffee! 

At the moment they are also doing some really awesome meals deal like $5.99 for a regular coffee and bacon and egg roll. They are also doing lunch specials with a different set of baguettes discounted to $7.99 each day. These are really really decent savings as a coffee on its own is $3.00 and the same baguettes at different Taste shops around the city can cost up to $18.50!

These deals were what lured me to try the baguettes here again and I have not been able to resist going back almost every second day. My favourite is the Pork Belly baguette, but the other varieties are also very very tasty. The baguettes themselves are cooked instore and the fillings are just purely mouth watering.

Tray of pork belly slice with perfect crackling - so so good

Pile of chicken schnitzel - crisp and tender

Other fillings- portugese chicken, lemon grass beef, fried toffee, roasted vegies.

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