Momofuku Seiōbo, Pyrmont, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Really excited to blog about this restaurant as I've been dying to try it for a few years now - Momofuku! The brain child of Korean chef David Chang, Momofuku Seiobo is the Sydney version of his famous New York restaurant. It is most well known for its signature dish, the pork belly with steamed bun and I couldn't wait to try it!

It's not easy to have dinner here as there is a very competitive online booking system that you need to participate in in order to secure your spot. The booking system opens up at exactly 10am ten days before the date the booking is for. I'd recommend creating an account on the booking site beforehand so that you don't waste any time on the actual booking day creating an account and losing valuable minutes as this may mean not obtaining the dining session that you want. Once logged into the system, there are a number of pre-set dining times and its a matter of choosing the one that best suits you and awaiting the confirmation after making your selection. Five minutes after I made my booking, I logged back in out of curiosity to see how many sessions were left and not surprisingly there was only 1 session left! (this was for a Saturday night).

When you make the reservation, you also select the degustation option you'd like - standard, with matching alcoholic drinks or with matching non alcoholic drinks. We chose the standard option which costs $185 per person - not a cheap meal but it was for a special occasion and this is afterall a three hat restaurant. Remember in my previous post I mentioned as an Absolute reward member (The Star loyalty program) you can get between 10-30% off on certain restaurants at The Star? This is one of them so don't forget to bring your card! You also get complimentary parking when you dine at Momofuku which is extremely convenient.

Arriving at 7pm on the dot, we were seated at the counter tables which had a overlooking view of the entire kitchen! It was such a treat to watch the chefs at work and to see how much effort goes into every single dish.

View from the counter tables.

Appetisers - smoked eel with apple, crab with potato, zucchini with black pepper. The first dish came out and I was immediately impressed. The smoked eel cigar with the shaved frozen apple was the stand out with an intricate balance of flavours and textures.

The chefs meticulously arranging the tiny tiny zucchini discs around the tiny tart

Parson's nose with roe - who could have thought a chicken butt could be so delicious? This tasted like KFC but so much better

The famous pork belly with steamed bun - also came with chilli sauce. Melt in the mouth pork with pillowy soft bun - my only complaint was that there was only one  =(

Pig's blood with celariac and mushroom - presentation is amazing as with all dishes. I didn't think I'd be a fan of pig's blood but the flavours in this were really rich, creamy and delicious.

Unveiling the pig's blood below...

Beef with radish and fermented black bean - again, wonderful presentation but this dish was meant to be eaten mixed and soon it didn't look to appetising...

Despite the appearance, the flavours were mind blowing, the beef, black bean and radish just work so nicely together.

Beetroot with rose and cherry and almonds - probably the least favourite of the dishes. It has a very strong warm beetroot taste which was also slightly salty. It didn't suit my tastebuds but my partner enjoyed my portion.

Oven baked flounder with carrot and kelp - everything on this plate was mouth wateringly delicious. The most notable was the kelp sauce - amazing flavour that I'd never experienced before. The fish was cooked on the bone which was a bit troublesome to take out but not too bad.

Abaolone with sunflower and artichoke - yum yum yum - nothing else to say :D

Lamb chop with roasted cucumber and anchovy sauce - lamb is one of those dishes which can sometimes be too gamey for some people. This lamb chop was slightly gamey but despite it's appearance, wasn't too bad. The meat was really tender and the fat on the edges was crackling!

Cheese on crackers - C2 and goat's cheese. The apricot with the C2 cheese was really nice, but the goat cheese was just too gamey for me

Sorrel, muntries, pistachio - a very light refreshing dessert- kind of like a palate cleanser but not enough to remove the goats cheese taste from my throat unfortunately

Almond, peach thyme - in contrast to the previous dessert dish - a rich and creamy dessert but not overly sweet. Perfect balance.

And lastly, honey roasted pork shoulder! The rumours were true! There is indeed a meat dish served after the dessert. It was actually sitting in front of us for half the meal resting and we were wondering what it was and when (if) we were going to be served it. A giant mound of pork shoulder caramelised to perfection. Not sure how it was roasted to be so sweet but it was like a meaty dessert, lol. So awesome!

We also received a complimentary cake as we were there for my partner's birthday and they don't allow cakeage of any sort. This was a rich chocolate mousse cake on a bed of dark chocolate/cocoa bits.

At some degustations you might sometimes worry if you will be satisfied and full after eating it, but I can safely assure you that you will be well and truly stuffed after devouring the Momofuku degsustation. Great service, fantastic and unique flavour combinations, exceptional presentation and last but not least, we got two packets of house made kim chi to take home!

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  1. All of this food looks utterly amazing! Think it justifies a flight from the UK to try out??

    FoodNerd x

  2. Def one of the dining gems in Sydney! Plenty of other delicious options to gorge on as well!