Manmaruya Ramen, Ashfield, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

On a dreary rainy Saturday, we decided to head to Ashfield to eat lunch at one of their many Shanghainese dumpling restaurants. Unfortunately, every single one of them had a huge queue of people waiting outside of them. We were cold and starving and could not wait to fill our bellys with some warm comfort food so we decided to venture down the road and see what else was available.

A sign of a decent restaurant is usually the number of patrons inside. On this occasion we spotted Manmaruya ramen packed with people slurping on noodles and knew this place had to be decent. We popped in, got our tables and perused the quite extensive menu. As our stomachs were literally digesting themselves at this stage, we quickly made our selections, being the crowd favourite pork bone ramen and the chicken katsu curry.

Wow! I was pleasantly surprised in the flavour of the ramen soup! Not sure if it's because I haven't had a pork bone ramen soup in a while, but this soup was packed with pork flavour! Everything in this ramen was delicious, the pork, the spicy shallots, the corn, the egg, the bamboo shoots, the seaweed, the fungus and the bean sprouts. It wasn't too salty either which sometimes is a problem with the really rich soup bases. Very satisfied with this dish.

Negi miso ramen w/ pork soup - $12

Chicken Katsu Curry - $13 - This is the first time I've seen the curry served separately in a pot when ordering Katsu curry and it is definitely a positive. The curry comes out piping hot and you can pour as much or as little as you like on to the chicken (or dunk the chicken pieces in to the curry like me). The chicken was crumbed to perfection and there was plenty of curry sauce left over for the rice as well. This dish also comes with miso soup and a garden salad.

Manmaruya also has chains in Hurstville and Campsie apparently!

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  1. LOOK AT THAT BROTH! That looks amazing and I bet it tastes even better. Might be time to abandon my normal ramen haunts and head down to Ashfield to try this out..