Henson (park) hotel, Marrickville Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Marrickville is the suburb that just keeps on giving to foodies like myself. I've already written about so many fantastic places for lunch and brunch in Marrickville and I have yet another one to add! A great recommendation from a colleague lead us to this pub for some brunch on a surprisingly blue sky day.

Located towards the end of Illawarra road close to Henson park, is the Henson hotel which from the outside looks like any other local watering hole. But when you step around the back, you're suddenly confronted with the squeals and giggles of kids and the smell of great food streaming out from the kitchen. The back of the Henson is a super cool beer garden which is kid and dog friendly. There is sufficient shaded areas and also a play room for the kids - perfect for young families looking for a place to bring everyone. Dogs are also welcome, although they must be leashed at all times.

Apart from the awesome setting at the back, the food is both creative and tasty. You really can't ask for anything more. Orders are made at the bar and I'd recommend finding a table first before you order as the place gets very busy. There are a number of funky menu items which seem to combine asian and western flavours (kim chee mee goreng anyone?) but we went with some pub grub staples - burgers! I also noted that they say most of their menu items are gluten free, cooked in house and aim to be FTT (Farm to Table) - truly a foodies pub.

Nothing much from the outside....

But around the back is a super lively family friendly beer garden!

Lemon lime and bitters and coke -$7

View into the kitchen from the garden

 Blackened barramundi burger, coleslaw, tomato, dill pickles, tomato/beet relish & chips - $16

Karaage chicken burger, pickled greens, charred onion, miso mayo & chips - $16
wow, japanese style kaarage chicken burger! why has no one else offered this before?! really delicious flavours in this burger.

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