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Guest blogger edition

I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to the launch of the Arabian nights series of events at the Zeta bar last week. Zeta bar is a roof top bar (ableit only situated on around the 4th floor) of the Hilton hotel on George St, Sydney. A place I frequented often as a city worker, it is one of very few decent high rise, open air bars that you can go to for some after work drinks.

Arabian nights is a Friday night event for the Zeta bar where the bar takes on an Arabian twist - think Price of Persia, Ali baba, Alladin and you were get the gist. The cuisine served becomes of the region including harissa lambchops, Lebanese bread with pickles and various dips, turkish delights as well as specially mixed signature cocktails containing some truly middle eastern inspired flavours.

Being linked to the Hilton meant there was little expenses spared in the launch of this event. Live camels, belly dancers, sheesha sommelier and juggling bartenders were some of the highlights of the night. Unfortunately given that it was an open event and there was so much stuff going on, it was difficult to remember the details of the things I ate or drank >_<!  I will however try to give my thoughts on as much as I can

Real live camels downstairs! yes you could sit on them if you asked nicely!

It feel good chilling with a nice cocktail whilst watching the hustle and bustle of George street below..

Assorted spices for cocktails

Decked out like a sultan's palace

A gin based cocktail with star anise and saffron - tasted very middle eastern and slightly strong but nice

Lebanese bread, onions and dips

Harissa lamb and dip - soooo super delicious, the lamb was so soft and tender and the amount of marinate/spices was perfect - I literally could have eaten these all night!

Chicken skewers - also nice but not as good as the lamb

Lamb koftas

Garlic and chilli prawns - another highlight dish- garlic + chilli + prawns - what can go wrong?

A refreshing cocktail, from memory it had some cucumber, vodka, yoghurt and dill and the rim was dusted with spices and sugar. Very nice drink and not as strong as the previous.

Dont' remember what was in this one, except that it had some mint and lots of ice, lol

Served from a chilled teapot

Some of the entertainment

Dessert time - coffee liqueur and turkish delight, mmmm

Lots of baklavas!

Last cocktail of the night - a warm cinnamon mulled wine like drink, perfect for those cold desert nights...

Arabian nights runs every Friday at Zeta bar (Hilton hotel) until the end of March. Definitely something to try if you're bored of the usual corporate drinking holes.

The Food Book attended as a guest of Zeta bar and SBPR.

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