Tramshed, Shoreditch (London)

Just to show how delayed I am in posting about London eats, this is a post about my birthday dinner last year - in November! My friend Chief had kindly booked us a table for two at Tramshed, a hot spot for chicken & steak in trendy Shoreditch. It's a very cool place to eat and proving how cool it is, there is a giant Damien Hirst art installation suspended above the dining area. It is a cock and cow in a big glass box, hanging over you as you eat your chicken and steak. Hmmmm

Since it was my birthday, we went all out.  

De Beauvoir smoked salmon ' Hix cure' with pickled cucumber  (£5.25)

Yorkshire pudding with whipped chicken livers  (£ 3.95)

Out of the two starters, I definitely enjoyed the Yorkshire pudding more.  I had thought the smoked salmon was going to be raw smoked salmon! When it came out, I was a bit surprised and after tasting it, felt like the salmon was a bit plain.  In contrast, the yorkshire pudding was delightfully more-ish and the whipped chicken livers were as light as air.

250g sirloin steak served with chips and bernaise sauce (£22.50)

Barn reared Indian Rock chicken with stuffing and chips (£25.00)

I think you can guess what the piece de resistance of the meal was - how could anyone ignore the parades of chickens being carted around by the waiters, each one perched as it was?

The chicken was moist and the steak melted in the mouth.  Chips were a winner, as were the variety of sauces that accompanied our meals - ketchup, mustard, mayo...

 There was just a bit of stomach space left for dessert and we couldn't resist this:

Salted caramel fondue with marshmallows and donuts (£12.50 for sharing)

A sugar maniacs dream dessert! The donuts had been freshly deep fried and the marshmallows were pillowy soft.  It was a lot of fun to eat but I struggled at the end to fit anymore in.  My tooth is aching now just thinking about how much sugar was in that dessert!

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