Thai riffic, Westfields, Sydney CBD

Guest blogger edition

I'm never too sure what to expect when I use a coupon/voucher to try a place out. Why did the place offer discounted food? Is it because they don't have business? Are they just trying to increase exposure to the market? Will the food be good? Will it be terrible?

On this occasion, a colleague of mine purchased a Groupon voucher for Thai Riffic, a Thai restaurant (why does 90% of all Thai restaurants have to be puns??) located inside Westfields Sydney CBD. Six dollars for a laksa, pho or thai or tom yum. Close to our workplace and inside the swish westfield food court, it seemed like a bargain!

We lined up at the counter, presented our vouchers and were shown a simple separate menu where we could choose from the 3 noodles dishes and the type of meat. The good thing about this place is that it has its own (albeit limited) seating area. A good thing given that trying to find a table in the Westfield food court at lunch time can sometimes be near impossible.

Not sure if it was because our items were 'voucher' menu items or not, but I would say they were worth $6 nothing more nothing less. Not much meat, not much noodles and overall lacking in flavour, the 2 dishes were a bit disappointing. Nonetheless, we wolfed down our food, happy that we at least got what we paid for.

I wonder though, if we had ordered it from the proper menu without vouchers, would we have received the same dishes?

Beef laksa - $6

Chicken Tom Yum -$6

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  1. I've had noodle dishes from Thai Riffic before and find there is ample quantity of noodles and sauces, but perhaps lacking in additional ingredients in the dishes. That being said, I find they sit on par with most food court Asian cuisine outlets.