Streetfest, Belmore park, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

I was recently invited to visit the Street Fest Food Trucks United event which occurs every first Friday of the month at Belmore park. Confusingly, Belmore park is no where near the suburb of Belmore, but is actually the big park opposite Central station (on Eddy Avenue).

After 5pm, this park unites food trucks, a pop up bar, eclectic street artists as well as phat beats from local and international DJs. The event is free to enter and is organised in conjunction with the City of Sydney and definitely beats leaving the park unused and dead. Instead, the atmosphere is lively, the music is energetic and the smell from the food trucks tantalising.

We arrived around 6pm and already the street fest was bustling with people watching the street artists, ordering from the street trucks and enjoying their food on the grass.

Although there were numerous stalls and food trucks all serving a variety of yummy items from different cuisines at fairly reasonable prices, we were limited by our stomachs and could only try a few.  =( 

Nepalese chicken skewers - $10 - three fat sticks of grilled chicken with a slighty spicy sauce, yummmm, I love the taste of meat fresh off the grill. Only downside was the amount of sauce.

Spelt chilli dog with chorizo ~$10 - having never tried spelt before, I was pleasantly surprised by the softness of the bun. Only downside to this dish was that it was quite difficult to eat physically, lol

Beef and Spinach gozleme $10 -there's something about a piping hot gozleme served from a stall that I just cannot resist. Such a simple dish, yet so tasty and filling - very hard to go wrong with this one
Straight from the UK, Gaymers ciders is the main drink on offer here at the pop up bar (although there are also various beers and wines). The cider comes in a variety of funky flavours and we tried the tropical variety. Quite a refreshing cider and doesn't taste too strong like some ciders can. Probably has a ton of sugar though... 

As we finished our food, the festival was still rocking on and the music was still pumping in the closed off (ticketed) dance/DJ area. After a long day of work, having dined in the park under the stars and trying a variety of dishes was enough for us, and we headed home, leaving the cutting of the rug to more enthusiastic revelers. I think the addition of this Street fest is most definitely a welcome addition to the Sydney Friday night scene, offering something different for everyone to enjoy.

 The Food Book attended as a guest of Street Artistry.


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  1. Ahhh, gozleme... Can't be beat at a festival, though that hot dog looks interesting!

  2. It's def a festival must have Tina!