Loaf and Devotion, Sydney CBD

Guest blogger edition

Thought I'd do a quick post about a burger joint in the Sydney CBD I was introduced to recently - it might help you out if you are short on lunch ideas!

Located on York street next to Stitch In (the small bar) is this burger joint with a kinda corny pun as a name. Here they cook your burgers to order and have a variety of menu items to choose from. You can either eat in or takeaway although I do recommend the prior as the burgers tend to be huge and messy. (be warned that it was quite hot and stuffy inside though as they don't have air conditioning)

I ordered the 'Burgerzilla' and I was not disappointed! It was a huge burger overflowing with pieces of marinated pulled pork and a chunky beef patty. I was definitely satisfied with the burger and left rubbing my stomach and looking for a can of coke to wash it all down :)

Burgezilla: Beef, pulled pork, bacon, swiss, cheddar, onions, greens ($11.50)

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