First Taste, Campsie, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

First Taste restaurant is part of a chain of restaurants around Australia (the others being in Hurstville NSW and also a few in Melbourne). It first hit the scene a few years back and they were quite popular but I haven't been back for a while. However, whilst wandering through Campsie, a game of scissors, paper, rock which I lost,  brought me here on a fine Saturday (I had wanted KFC which is also located in Campsie). 

It was a bit dead for a Saturday lunch time so the popularity of the restaurant might have died down a bit since they first opened, but there were still a few tables of patrons inside. We were handed a colourful menu full of Chinglish and photos of food as was some complimentary tea. We made our selections and waited.

Chinese bibimbap is the first thing that comes to my mind when I see the steaming clay hot pot full of rice and chicken which we ordered. This was definitely the better of the two dishes, as it was piping hot, had a good dose of toppings (although it would have good with a bit more chicken!) and a thick sauce throughout. The rice at the bottom of the pot was nice and crispy as well and cracking into that was part of the fun.

The other dish of seafood and tofu was not as great. It came with a huge bowl of rice but the flavour of the hot pot was kinda lacking. The seafood was OK but was from the freezer. An ordinary dish, but one that I demolished nonetheless. I think it would be best to stick to their specialty of claypot rice next time.

Seafood and Tofu hotpot w/ steamed rice (~$9.50)

Claypot rice with chicken, chinese sausage and chinese mushroom (~$12.50)

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  1. Love it when you get crispy bits at the bottom of claypot rice! Shame about your seafood and tofu dish though.

  2. Hi Helen, it is very satisfying to crack through that crisp rice :)