Sedap, Sydney CBD

Guest blogger edition

It seems Malaysian restaurants never go out of fashion with another one joining the ranks at the Lumiere building in the Sydney CBD. Sedap is located in the block of shops inside the Lumiere building (KFC corner) which also houses the Japanese Izakaya restaurant, Miss Chus and Chonoma Cafe.

The decor tries to bring the feel of Malaysian hawker style street dining to life, with rows of lightbulb lighting and a huge picture of the eat street of Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur on one side. (one of the most well known street food places in KL). The restaurant itself is relatively compact but appears to be bigger than it actually is with mirrors on both sides at the back giving the illusion of more tables.

Arriving at around 630 on a Friday night, the restaurant had patrons but was not yet full, however the restaurant quickly filled up and people began waiting for tables.

We ordered two dishes and 1 drink which was plenty for two people as the dishes were quite generous.

Char Kway Teow (~$12)

Mee Hoon Goreng Kampong (~$12)

My favorite of the two dishes would have had to be the Char Kway Teow as it was really nicely cooked and had Chinese sausage in it which I hadn't had in years! The Mee Hoon was OK but I found it a bit bland in comparison.

Overall, generous servings, decent price and good flavours- would come back again to try other dishes.

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