House of Crabs, Redfern

Guest blogger edition

Having seen the numerous blog posts about the only recently opened House of Crabs restaurant located above the Norfolk Hotel in Redfern/Surry Hills, when some friends suggested that we have our pre-comedy show dinner there, I was in!

We arrived there at 6pm - perfect timing as the restaurant was just opening (and there were already people waiting!).  Stomping up the stairs, we entered the restaurant which was decked out to be like an American shellfish restaurant straight from Louisiana.  

Upon getting our table, we were given a complimentary box of freshly popped popcorn which was flavoured with some Cajun spices to get us started - they were surprisingly addictive and we polished them off long before our food arrived.

The way the restaurant works is that you order the crabs/prawns/mussels/clams etc from the menu in 500g bags, then choose from a variety of 4 spices which vary in levels of heat. From most to least spicy there was: Cajun, Mexican, Oriental and Lemon Pepper. We opted for the safer option and chose Mexican and Oriental. Mexican reminds me of chilli and mexican spices, whilst oriental reminded me of a green curry sauce.

Luckily, we were provided with ample instruments to attack the crabs, including the usual crab crushers, thin spiny metal things to dig meat out of the legs (no idea the real name of this) as well we scissors (probably the most handy of them all), as well as some rubber gloves for those that don't like to get their hands dirty.

Between the four of us, we ordered 2 x bags of crab (Snow and King) 1 x bag of prawns, 1 x lobster fries, 1 x blackened fish, 1 x creole corn and 2 x ice cream waffle sandwich (1 x jug of coke as a drink also). Total damage? Approx $200 bucks.

  Creole corn -$8 (w/ Dorito & Jerky salt)

Lobster fries - $12 (w/ lobster gravy, bacon and corn)

Snow Crab with Oriental sauce - $36

King Crab with Mexican sauce - $45

Complimentary bread to mop up all that delicious crabby sauce

Blackened fish $22 (w/ pineapple & black bean salsa)

Waffle ice cream sandwich - $12 (Raspberry, almonds & chocolate)

Overall, a fantastic way of having a fun night demolishing some crabs and getting our hands dirty digging out the tiny morsels of meats out of those bony shells. All that was left was the clean up.

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  1. Interesting... how does it compare to chinese crab/lobster

  2. Hi Jathon, It's hard to compare the two. They use different crabs and different methods of cooking. I still love the chinese crabs (esp with ginger and shallots) but the house of crabs style is a nice change.