Corner Coffee House and Pandesal Bakehouse, Beverly Hills

Guest blogger edition

I'm a big fan of local small businesses that can actually add value and character to a neighbourhood. Whilst there's nothing wrong with big business either (Coles and Woolies are so convenient), nothing beats having a local bakery filling the air with the smell of fresh bread, a local florist to brighten up the footpaths, a green grocer who knows your name and of course what neighbourhood can be without a local cafe/coffee shop.

Thus whenever I get the opportunity to visit and support such places, I do so. In this instance, I was invited to try out a few new-ish places in Beverly Hills (Toronga Terrace), Corner Coffee House (CCH) and Pandesal Bakehouse.

Both are located on the stretch of road next to the train station where the IGA is situated. Along that same strip, there is also a pharmacy, a barber, a hairdresser, another cafe and a chinese restaurant. A neat combination of shops for the locals (if only someone would take over the ugly abandoned piano shop!).

Anyways, it was a nice sunny Saturday and we decided to try out CCH for their coffee and also their signature egg waffles. The egg waffles made me feel nostalgic about my days in Hong Kong where they were a staple street food for everyone. In Sydney however, I have yet to see these made (the exception being the Friday night markets in Chinatown, but they weren't very good). Inside the cafe They also serve other breakfast items and stationary and other random knick knacks

Coffee ~$3.50

Egg waffle $5 - warm, soft, fluffy and delicious with a slightly crunchy shell

Next stop is the Pandesal Bakehouse. This bakery is run by a Filipino family and their specialty is Pandesal, a slightly sweet bread roll. They also serve a variety of other other Filipino bakery items, snack foods as well as some more traditional bakery items (e.g. custard tarts etc). On this occasion, we tried the coconut bun, a pork empanada and an iced gulaman drink.

Pork empanada ~$2 - soft pastry filled with mince pork and veggies - yummmm

Ice Gulaman $3.50 - hard to describe, kind of like a very sweet jelly drink tasting of palm sugar and rose water maybe? Could't quite put my finger on it, but I think it might be an acquired taste.

Other miscellaneous items on sale

As we left the small bakery, there was a steady trickle of customers coming in to purchase the baked goods - seems like the community is supporting this local bakery quite well!


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  1. The food is not consistent. I have tried a number of your dishes that are sold on Saturdays and me and my family can definitely taste the difference between cooks.
    The Palabok and Lumpia are very plain and could be a lot better.
    We advice stick to your best cook for best results and for persistent nice tasting food.

    Customer service could be improved especially by the short lady behind the counter with short hair.

    Room for improvement.

  2. I'm sure the bakery would love to hear you feedback but unfortunately I'm just a customer like yourself!