Una's, Surry Hills

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If you are after a simple, filling schnitzel, this is the place to go. If you after some sort of classy restaurant then best to avoid this place. Una's has become an establishment within Surry Hills (I think it has been around for more than 30 years?) and it still retains its old school character and is popular with the crowds.

Rocking up on a Friday night, we were lucky enough to get a table for two towards the back of the restaurant as it quickly filled up. Famous for the Schnitzels, we ordered the chicken schnitzel with mushroom sauce. Not sure what else to get as we wanted to try something else but not too big a fan of Pork Knuckles and Sausages, we settled on the Veal Cordon Bleu.

Chicken Schnitzel with Mushroom sauce (~21)

Veal Cordon Bleu (~21)


Complimentary Sauerkraut

Good things first:The chicken Schnitzel was delicious- moist and tender chicken breast smothered with a thick chunky flavoursome mushroom sauce. It really hit the spot. Both dishes were humongous in serving and would easily satisfy a normal persons hunger. The Sauerkraut although complimentary, was the perfect accompaniment for such an oily and deep fried meal. The tartness of the Sauerkraut cut through the greasy of the main dishes like a hot knife through butter. The potato thing served as a side for both dishes was also impeccable. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, it was full of potato-y goodness.
Now the bad: The Veal Cordon Bleu I would not order again, the veal was tough and bland with the only salvation being the ham and cheese inside - but that was not enough to redeem it from being too dry and tough to be enjoyed properly :( Prices are a touch on the pricey side but not unreasonable for the portions.

I would come here again, but would stick with the chicken schnitzel.

A short stroll away we arrived at Gelato Messian which already had a line outside for its famous gelato.

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