Kingsleys Steakhouse, Sydney CBD

Guest blogger edition

An easy day at work gave me the chance to drop by the Kingsleys Steakhouse on King Street for a quick steak lunch.

The restaurant itself is tucked away on the Sussex St end of King St.  You can't actually see the restaurant from the street so you'll have to watch out for the big sign.

Arriving at 12pm, it was a bit early for other people to have lunch so the restaurant was empty bar 2 tables of corporate types, but it soon filled up it around 1230- 1pm.

We ordered 1 starter, 1 entree and 2 mains between the two of us which was plenty.

Starter: Chorizo with mint (~$15)

Entree: Grilled scallops with pork crackling and corn puree (~$20)

Main #1: Medium Rib Eye Steak (300gm) + red wine jus and mash (~$35)

Main #2: Surf and Turf (200gm steak + 3 grilled prawns) + hollandaise sauce and baked potato (~$39)

The highlight of the meal would definitely have been the grilled scallops - cooked to perfection and beautifully accompanied by the corn puree. The steaks themselves were also cooked really nicely (as you would expect from a steakhouse) and the prawns also seasoned very nicely. The chorizos were slightly disappointing as although the flavours were there, they were cut too thick for my liking which made it a bit tough to chew. 

Overall a nice meal. 

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