Espresso Organica, Concord

Guest blogger edition

Rated as one of Sydney's best cafes by Sydney Morning Herald’s Every Day Eats Guide 2012, Espresso Organica is not only highly rated on food, value, ambiance and service, the coffee is meant to be excellent too.

So it was on a cold and rainy Saturday that a few of us caught up for brunch at this cafe. Luckily we had made a booking for 1130am as when we got there the place was packed! There were already people waiting for a table and many more arriving. The cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating, however, the majority of the outdoor seating was unavailable today as there was no cover and everything outside was wet. Had it been a warm sunny day, the outdoor seating would have been quite relaxing I think.

Walking into the restaurant you could immediately feel the ambiance of the place with clinking of cutlery, chatter and laughter all around. One of our group mentioned that there was a lack of phone reception inside the cafe which may have contributed to the increase chatter as no one could be antisocial with their phones at the tables. It was like a yumcha atmosphere in a cafe, lol.

There was a HUGE selection of menu items including all day breakfast, lunch specials and the lunch menu. We were definitely spoilt for choice and after a good 10 minutes of perusing and debating we came up with our selections.

Beef bifteki + chips + pita bread (~28)

Chicken tenderloin souvlaki + chips + pita bread (~22)

Crab meat spaghetti (~28)

Slow cooked lamb (~$28)

 Flatwhite (~4)

Cappucino (~4)

Banana Smoothie (~6)

Firstly the coffee- great! smooth full bodied coffee, only problem was that sitting near the entrance on a windy day meant that the coffee got cold faster than I could drink it :( Standout dishes of the day would have had to have been the lamb which would fall apart as you bit into it and was lovingly drenched in a rosemary gravy - perfect for a cold day. Second best dish would have been the spaghetti with crab meat which had a generous amount of crab meat and was cooked al dente.

Overall a very nice cafe, with plenty of street parking nearby. A great place to catch up with friends and shoot the breeze. The prices are a tad high but the coffee is well worth it.

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