Yum Cha Silks & Spice, Camden (London)

As a new expat on a tight budget, I find Time Out London's list of 'Cheap Eats' to be a godsend.  I read about Yum Cha Silks & Spices, a cheap and cheerful Chinese restaurant which offers 50% off dim sums from Monday to Wednesday nights.  It is close to the Stables Market in Camden (closest tube is Camden Town) and offers a wide range of Chinese dishes.

We didn't even bother looking at the regular menu - we were there to eat half price dim sums! We ordered exclusively from the dim sum menu.

Here are the pics of what we had - descriptions as they appeared in the menu and prices pre-discount

Left to right: Scallop prawn dumpling (£3.80), Prawn dumplings (£4.00), Steamed chives prawn dumpling (£3.80), Steamed bean curd roll (£3.80)

Steamed char siu buns (£3.80), Prawn pork shu mai (£3.80), Salt and pepper ribs (£5.25)
Some of the dim sums were far better than others.  I didn't like the pork ribs which had too much fat and not much flavour.  My favourites were the prawn dumplings.

We also ordered Jasmine Tea at £1.50 each.  The service was very prompt and the staff kept coming around to our table with hot water refills.

I was pleasantly surprised with the bill at the end of the meal. Even though I knew it would be half price, it was cheaper than I expected.  The total (including service charge of £3.10) came to £20.25 for the two of us.  A bargain and we both felt absolutely stuffed.

I have noticed that eating out casually in London can get quite pricey, especially when compared to eating out in Sydney.  I would be happy to come back to Yum Cha Silks & Spices! (on a Mon-Wed night during the half price deal)

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  1. Looks yum! I heard chinese was crap in london but i guess yum cha def isn't

  2. Hi Mobblees: It is true, we are really spoilt with good and cheap Asian food in Sydney!

  3. Exceptional value at half price! Quality of steamed dimsum skins looks very acceptable too.

  4. Hi Rita: Yes, I was happy with the decent quality of the dim sums. Somewhere to keep in mind for a late night dim sum craving in London!